I was eighteen when I published my first post on this blog. It was titled “Eighteen and Lost” and it was about feeling pressured to decide who to be or what to do for the rest of my life. Even as a greasy teen, I rejected being put into a box. That claustrophobia fueled my need to ask questions and share my raw experiences so I could touch on something true and shared.

As this blog progressed and my life with it, I’ve tried to write for those of us who are figuratively “drowning,” which is a pretty excessive metaphor I came up with to represent resilience or: fighting to swim as waves slap you down (lack of self-esteem, career troubles, grief, depression, anxiety, relationship troubles), taking a moment to bask in the water when it calms (beauty, art, travel, fulfillment, spirituality, human bonds), and finding the joy in this perpetual yin and yang. And I repeat, always finding and sharing the joy.

So, if you’re looking for a concrete “I’m a life guru” or “I write about the art of loving yourself” tagline to guide you on what this blog is actually about, look elsewhere. My blog’s purpose is to dive into the deep shit, and to find common ground as we collectively try to keep our heads above water. It’s a little abstract like my paintings and my brain, but also chock-full of emotions and experiences that hopefully resonate – and make you a little uncomfortable!

Let’s dive in, my friends. Mi trench es tu trench.


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